All of us are overwhelmed and humbled by how you have supported us through this difficult time.

And now, we are here to welcome you back! Our commitment to perfection continues as always. We have embraced this challenge to find new and better ways to serve you — we’ll focus on doing everything in our power to keep you safe so you can focus on enjoying your experience. Together we will thrive!

Expectations for your Experience

We kindly ask that you:

  • Come alone and not bring any packages with you.
  • Arrive at your scheduled appointment time and wait outside or in your car if you’re early.
  • Confirm with us 24-48 hours before your appointment that you’re feeling healthy and well. Cancellation without penalty is encouraged if you’re showing any signs of sickness.
  • Be prepared to have your temperature taken and potentially asked to leave if it’s high.
  • Answer four questions to ensure that you have not had any expose to COVID-19 .
  • Sign a waiver prior to entry acknowledging potential risk to exposure.
  • Wear a mask that secures behind your ears. One will be provided at a small charge if you don’t have one.
  • Put on the gown we provide. If you need to change your top or remove your coat, you will be given a plastic bag for these items.
  • Wash your hands and follow with hand sanitizer if you’re receiving nail services.
  • Understand that there will be limited appointments during our initial opening, as staff schedules have been reduced to ensure proper social distancing.

Staff Precautionary Measures

To keep everyone safe, our staff will be:

  • Receiving temperature checks before they enter the salon.
  • Required to wear a clean mask. A face shield will be provided as additional protection if client requests one. Face shields will not be a replacement for masks.
  • Asked to frequently wash their hands with soap and water for 30 seconds. Hand sanitizer can be used between washings.
  • Keeping clients 6 feet apart to ensure social distancing.
  • Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all stations immediately after service as well as throughout the day.


Rigorous cleaning protocol is in place, as follows:

  • Elements to clean include: Station counter, all metal tools, mirrors, styling tools, brushes and combs, rolling carts, products on stations, client chair.
  • All tools will to be cleaned before the day begins, as well as cleaned and disinfected in a barbicide container after each client.
  • All pedicure bowls including faucets will be disinfected after every client by letting disinfectant stay on surface for 10 mins. Shampoo bowls will be cleaned and disinfected after every client and throughout the day.


  • No magazines.
  • No water or coffee.
  • Waiting area will be placed to ensure 6 feet social distancing.
  • All hard surfaces including reception counter, phones, computers, door handles will be regularly disinfected.
  • All soft surfaces will be wiped down with a cloth and water since they cannot be disinfected.
  • Door will be propped open so clients can enter without touching handles.


  • Will be cleaned frequently.
  • Hand sanitizer has been added.
  • Excess products like toilet paper, etc. have been removed.