Keep Hair Hydrated with These 4 Easy Tips

There’s no denying, winter is a tough season on hair. Strands suffer from the cold air and high winds outside; dry air inside; and forced heat funneling in homes, cars and offices. All these winter elements can dry hair out and potentially cause strand breakage.

While we’re in the winter home stretch, it’s important not to lose focus on the extra care your hair still needs during these next couple months of cold.

Here are four easy things you can do to combat the winter hair woes to have beautiful, healthy, and hydrated hair well into spring.


Tip #1: Regular Trims

Getting a new haircut is always a fabulous experience and provides a complete refresh; that said- during the colder months, it’s important you’re getting simple trims to eliminate the dryer ends and damaged hair. Split ends can only ever go away by cutting them off, which also is preventative in avoiding additional hair breakage as a dead-end travels up the hair shaft. It’s best to get a trim every six weeks.


Tip #2: Condition and Weekly Masques

Always thoroughly condition your hair every time you shampoo— this is one of the most important actions you can take in nourishing your hair. To do, comb conditioner through the hair with a wide-tooth comb starting from the bottom up—but combing down in the direction of the hair shaft— to ensure each strand is getting thoroughly moisturized.

Once a week, do a deep conditioning masque for extra love and attention for the hair— also applied with a wide-tooth comb. We love Masque Réhydratant Hair Mask from Kérastase because it’s formulated to rebalance hair’s hydration.

Giving extra attention to hair conditioning will help with dryness and static while the weekly treatments help to add strength to prevent breakage without weighing it down.


Tip #3 Realize the Power of Silk

Invest in a silk pillowcase because it provides a frictionless surface for your hair which will curb hair breakage and damage. Silk also won’t leech moisture from the hair compared to a cotton pillowcase.

Silk can additionally be used as a lining in your favorite winter hat to avoid hair damage from the traditional hard fabrics of hats— just think of all the times you’re putting the hat on and taking it off, this is not great for the hair shaft. Silk is always gentler to hair and, as a bonus, it will help to keep you warmer.


Tip #4 Limit Your Use of Hot Tools

Think first before reaching for your curling iron, waver, or flat iron. The extra surge of heat on the hair from hot tools will be an additional element to all the factors that your hair is already up against in the winter months.

For the times you must use a hot tool be sure to safeguard your hair with a thermal heat protectant such as Nectar Thermique Blow Dry Primer from Kérastase. This primer is a heat protectant with 450°F thermo-protection and provides 85% less hair breakage from blow dry.